Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday Pictures!

Okay so I know that they are a little late in posting, but I think we all know how side tracked I get!! Here are pictures of the kids (at least from the pictures I got sent or took)!

Here are the kids at a year old, out of Ch Rockingdanes Quincy (Guinness)
X Ch Diamonddanes Heavenly Sin (Envy).

This party girl is Nyah.
Nyah owns Kim and Dan.

Emma is a girl on the go, who now lives in South Carolina!
Emma owns Ryan and Kari.

Luke owns all he sees before him (which includes Jack and Erin)!

Lara just wanted to show off all her toys at her house and is always thankful that she doesn't have to share them with her brother any more!
Lara rules over and owns Ryan and Karen.

Maggie and Lorek were too busy playing to have their pictures taken, but when I get a chance I will post them as well!

Thursday, April 23, 2009