Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dane Cards


Here is a little experiment that I was trying so please let me know what you think! I hand made a stamp of a Dane head and then have used pencil paint to quickly hand paint each note card in the accepted 6 colours of Danes.
(the first row, left is the Blue and the bottom right in the black if the picture makes it hard to tell)
I have made cards that open upwards and sideways, I was hoping to see if they were worth making up for our specialty's auction or maybe gift bags?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ear taping part 2

The warning from Part 1 still applies!!!  If you don't remember it, then go back and read it, then go away!

Here is what our finished ear corset should look like:
Before you grab puppy, set up your station so that you aren't fussing with this stuff while puppy gets impatient on the table.  Tear 2 long strips to go around the base of the ear and 2 shorter strips for the upper portion of the ear.  Have some stuff to clean the ears out and extra tape if you have an oops.
Put the corset as deep as you can see into the ear, because it is sticky it is not easy, but make sure ou set it in there, or the bottoms will pop out and need to be redone.  Take our long piece of tape and place it low on the ear, right at the skull.  ALWAYS tape towards the nose, so that the extra 'flap' gets folded back.  The trick to not cutting off circulation to the ear is to lay the tape around the ear, not pulling....think of putting on a bandaid too tight - it hurts and our finger falls off - it's the same with puppy's ear.  When I was a vet tech (many years ago), I saw clients tr to save $15.00 and tape themselves and the dog lose it's entire ear - 
If the ear is pocketing (crossing over the head), then before putting the base tape on pull the ear out from puppy's head so it looks more like an airplane wing, then put your base tape on - sorry I don't have pictures of pocketing ears here, but you can see the method of airplaning the ear used below.
Next take your short tape and lay the tape around the upper part of the ear, making sure to go in the correct direction, which is the same as the bottom tape. I always use a piece of microporage tape to tape over the sticky part of the tape that is still exposed so that it doesn't get dirty and grimy.  It also helps set the tips so they don't curl back.
Lastly you can decide whether puppy needs a bridge or not at the base.  Most new or long crops will need a bridge for some time.  Start with a super long piece of tape, lay it around the base of one ear and making sure it's not bringing the two ears to close together, lay it around the second ear and loop it back to cover the stick side of the tape. Voila! You are done!  
If it doesn't look like the picture above go to your local vet office.

Ear Taping

I want to preface this post with a warning:  Ear taping is not for everyone, and when I say that I mean that most people are idiots and shouldn't own a dog let alone tape their ears after cropping, as you can take an ear off by incorrectly taping!!!  If you are offended by that statement, good! - you are probably the idiot I'm referring to! 
If you are one of the uncommon people who has "common" sense, then I hope this helps with ear taping!

Here is Lorek with his ears just out of tapes after 3-4 days - Not Bad!
Here is the corset material that you need, I get it at our local fabric store.
Cut the corset material to the length of the ear from in the canal to the tip and a bit beyond. For the safety of the puppy's ear canal and to get a bit more life out of the corset, cover it in medical tape.  One solid piece that you wrap length wise and seal on itself.  They should look like the picture below, but nicer as these ones have already been used once.
Now take another long length of tape and wrap length wise the corset again, this time with the sticky side out.  It will be hard to do, but when you do it this way you don't need to go get glue!
Put a cotton ball or gauze at the end of one side on each corset.  This part will go into the ear canal and protect the inner ear.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

7 weeks Stacked Pictures

Lorek (MiHi's I've Got The Power)
Lara (MiHi's Powerful Phenomenon)
Yellow Girl (they won't give me a name yet)
Maybe Molly?
Dark Blue Girl - Available to Companion Home