Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Home Pics

Jacob (MiHi's Causing Hearts to Throb)
His first day on the job as a therapy dog.
He is already breaking hearts, and healing a few others!
Here he is with his Momma at the cancer agency.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

9 Weeks Stacked

9 Weeks stacked pictures. Some of the kids have gone to their new homes, and some people had the time to come out and help!

MiHi's Causing Hearts To Throb

The Girls:

(Purple Girl)
MiHi's Causing Tongues To Wag
(Yellow Girl)
(Dark Pink Girl)

Light Pink Girl
(with a very full belly!)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

And then there was 4.

As the 'kids' go home (3 this weekend) our house seems a bit quieter, and although that is very much appreciated (trust me!) it also is a bit empty.
Be good kids - Jacob, Hank and Gracy!

Oh and Sarah, Sean, David, Karen and Ryan - you need to get me photos!
(well I'll just 'steal' pics from Karen's Facebook!)

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

8 Week Stacks

There are some multiple pictures of some of the kids simply because we just couldn't take a bad picture!
(Now the kids aren't feeling their best simply because they had their vaccines yesterday.)

Hank ~ Dark Green Boy
Dark Blue Boy
(I'm waiting for a name from his new loving parents)

Light Green Girl
Available to Show/Companion home.
Purple Girl
Looking for a show/companion home!

Light Pink Girl
Looking for a show/companion home!
Bo ~ Yellow Girl

Dark Pink Girl ~ Gracey

The funniest part of these pictures is that I'm baiting them with water!
What can I say? They love it!

Everyone is now vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and weighted. Please remember that the pups will go home with a bag of their food (First Mate - Ocean).

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Inside and out!

Light Pink
Is pure sass and attitude! This little girl is available to a companion home.
The Boys
Dark Blue and Hank (Dyson or Dark Green)
We are keeping Dark Blue until we find a perfect show home for him.
Hank has loving parents eagerly waiting for him to go home!
This is Dark Pink showing her amazing attitude.
Lucy (Light Green)
She's going to go be a geek chic city dog!
Lucy will most likely be more tech savvy then me.
Kenzi (Purple)

Bo (Yellow girl)
I almost got a perfect head shot of everyone!
Kenzi (Purple) & Bo (Yellow) - doesn't Kenzi look like she's plotting something?
Darcy with the kids outside
"Get DADDY!!!!"
I just loved the look on Light Pink's face here
Bo having fun with Light Pink
The pups hanging out with Granny Envy
Granny Envy enjoying a good roll in the grass with puppies.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Week 7 Stacked

Yellow Girl
Light Green Girl
Light Pink Girl
Purple girl
Dark Pink Girl
Dark Green Boy
Dark Blue Boy