Monday, March 31, 2008

Week #7

Look at me being so good!  I took pictures I spent a good portion of this weekends nights trying to figure out how to hook up my Mac to Ustream the whelping live.  I have managed to figure out all of it except how to turn on the Mac's camera....I'm starting to really hate Mac!!

Depending on how the week plays out anytime after Tuesday, we can have an xray done to find out numbers.  I would rather wait until next week, but we all know how well I wait! LOL

If anyone is a Mac expert and can solve the camera issue, drop me a line.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Name thoughts

As I sit and watch Envy's belly grow bigger and bigger, I find myself in a mental battle with myself (I know those are never good and hard to win!)
I have to date, always stuck with an alphabet theme with my litters...first litter had to have A's in it, the second litter B and so on...but (and it's a big but - not as big as my butt, but I digress) I think I would rather do theme litters. I love the rational behind doing the alphabet, but I really like the fun of themes. Now if I was to do a theme litter, what theme would I pick?? Oh the torture!! My brain is on overload. My first instinct is to do something along the lines of "wonder" or maybe a "super heroes" theme, but those things don't seem to capture the heart ache, waiting and final triumph of this litter.
Of course the really superstitious part of me still doesn't want to acknowledge the litter for fear that things will be jinxed, but then at what point do I let my guard down to enjoy it?

So now that you know how pathetic my brain waves are, any thoughts?

Oh and before I forget Envy's weigh in was 137.7 lbs

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Week #6.3

I'm trying to be a good girl and post lots of pictures to keep everyone in the loop.  If I remember to bring my other camera home from work, I will post a video.  I guess I should figure out how to set my Mac book up to do a live feed, that way you guys could just log on and watch the whelping.....I'd just have to remember not to put my big butt in front of the camera!! LOL
Envy was sure that I wasn't going to give her a cookie I had out on the counter and started pouting...

I thought this picture showed the roundness of her tummy.  I will try to take her in for a weight in and hope that she has managed to put a lot of her weight back on.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Week #6

I was always told that the Easter Bunny was a rabbit but here is photographic proof that in fact the Easter "bunny" is a Dane...Here is Envy showing off her belly....

Friday, March 21, 2008

Week # 6

Sorry to be so remiss about adding photos! It seems I spend most of my time trying to get Envy to eat the item of the day. When I went to Save-On-Foods I was most likely heard muttering "Why is everything low or non fat, what if we want fat! Geesh!"
Envy's breakfast was a couple pounts of regular ground beef, her lunch was stewed beef, veggies and rice over kibble with an egg stirred in for luck.
A friend of mine's bitch is due this weekend, so I may post a few pictures of her spotted kids to give you a taste of puppy breath. But I wanted to warn you ahead of time that we could not have spotted babies!! So don't worry!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Meal Time

Here are all the ingredients for Envy's meals (there is pasta in the bowl):
You can see the pasta mixed with yogurt and whipping cream
This is everything mixed up, 1.5lbs regular ground beef (the entire package pictured), 5 organic free-range eggs (scrambled with the garlic), 1 tablespoon of garlic, 1/2 cup whipping cream and 1/2 cup yogurt.
Envy looking at dinner, she will happily look at it but I have to hand feed her at least 3 times a day with this concoction.
This picture was from last night.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

And the answer is.....

I know that normally I am pretty good at posting pictures, but I only have news today.
I was going to take Envy in to the vet on Tuesday for a palpation, but was quickly going insane with not knowing what was going on - so I phoned up my friend (she owns 2 of our kids) at the vet clinic and begged her to put me out of my misery. Thankfully there was a cancellation and we were squeaked in on Friday at noon.
Dr. Brian palpated her abdomen and said "No puppies!"
Dr. Anita came in asking "How many puppies?!"
"None" exclaimed both of us.
"Impossible! You have done every test under the sun, there are puppies. We just have to find them. Follow me, it's time for an ultrasound."
Off to ultrasound we went - we weren't going to have an ultrasound done for various reasons, but Dr. Anita was worried that if there were no puppies, then Envy might have other issues that remained undiagnosed.
On went the ultrasound and Envy was smeared with goo.
"There's the bladder....there is the pancreas...Oh there's a - no that's the bladder again.....One!, two!, three!, four!, five!, six!...."
"Stop counting! Stop counting!! I don't care how many, I just care that she's pregnant!!"

So there we are Ladies and Gentlemen - we have puppies!

The first due date is April 10th, keep checking back. I actually had a great night of sleep - it always amazes me how much I can drive myself nutty! Well not really. lol

Friday, March 07, 2008

Week #4 - I have a secret

Here are pictures from today, week 4. She's down to 221 lbs, but doesn't look like she's lost a pound....