Thursday, June 30, 2011

2.5 week pictures

Light Green Girl:

Light Pink Girl:
This is a 2.5 week stack - are you jealous? LOL
Dark Pink Girl:

Yellow Girl:

Purple Girl:
Dark Green Boy:

Dark Blue Boy

Light Blue Boy:

Random Cuteness:

Light green Girl with Maggie
Group Shot

Weigh-Ins --- Back Logged

Maggie x Romeo Litter
The "CAUSE" Litter

In birth order

June 15, 2011
24 Hours Old

Dark Blue Boy - 1.5 pounds

Light Pink Girl - 1.3 pounds

Yellow Girl - 1.4 pounds

Dark Green Boy - 1.5 pounds

Dark Blue Boy - 1.5 pounds

Light Pink Girl - 1.3 pouds

Dark Pink Girl - 1.1 pounds

Purple Girl - 1.5 pounds

Light Blue Boy (Peanut) - 1.0 pounds

Light Green Girl - 1.2 pounds

June 21, 2011
One Week Old

Dark Blue Boy - 2.4 pounds

Light Pink Girl - 1.8 pounds

Yellow Girl - 2.3 pounds

Dark Green Boy - 2.5 pounds

Dark Pink Girl - 2.1 pounds

Purple Girl - 2.4 pounds

Light Blue Boy (peanut) - 1.2 pounds

Light Green Girl - 2.0 pounds

June 30, 2011
2 Weeks and 2 Days Old

Dark Blue Boy - 4.0 pounds

Light Pink Girl - 3.1 pounds

Yellow Girl - 4.7 pounds

Dark Green Boy - 4.0 pounds

Dark Pink Girl - 3.2 pounds

Purple Girl - 4.2 pounds

Light Blue Boy (Peanut) - 1.7 pounds (and we are sooo happy he is gaining weight!!)

Light Green Girl - 3.0 pounds

Random Cuteness

Climbing the Milk Mountain
"Light Pink is mine and you can't have her!"
Pink Tongue
Puppy Toes

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One Week Old

I know I'm a day late, but the pictures are from their one week birthday, yesterday.
There was tons of one on one cuddle time with Momma.

Here is Dark Blue Boy
Here's Peanut (Light Blue Boy).
Peanut is gaining weight and still surfs the other pups to get to the milk bar!
You can see the difference between the boys, as Dark Green Boy takes up the entire scale basket!!
All the pups are gaining weight quickly and doing well.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16th 2011 (2 Days Old)

Here are the pictures from today (well at least most of them)

The Girls:

Dark Pink Girl
Light Pink Girl
Yellow Girl
Purple Girl
Light Green Girl

The Boys:

Dark Green
Dark Blue
Light Blue

Here are some random shots for you:

Snuggle with Mom
The whole litter
Snack time

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well the xray said eight puppies - we thought maybe is was wrong as Maggie looked done at 7 pups, really really done!!!! BUT 6 hours and 23 minutes from the last pup we had a surprise!! Puppy number 8 arrived!!! Puppy number 8 is a fawn female - light green collar - she is totally happy and healthy!! - posted by Karen

Head shots for Grammy

The whole 'Cause' litter!
4 girls & 3 boys
Light Blue Boy (Peanut)
Purple Girl (Chunk-Munk)
Dark Pink Girl
Green Boy
Yellow Girl
Light Pink Girl
Dark Blue Boy

June 13th 2011

I woke up this morning at 5 am after a night of nothing - no digging, no panting, no huge temp drop to find three pups!!
Here is the male (dark Blue), who will not look up long enough to have his picture taken, as it would mean less nipple time.
Here is yellow girl
and here is Pink girl!

(I can't seem to see it on my Mac but PC users are fine)